Our Values

A Trusted Resource
A 75-year history of expertise and success, a seasoned staff averaging 10-15 years in the business - this what inspires confidence in our hundreds of clients who count on Cosmos to deliver well-thought-out, results-driven solutions.

Original Perspectives
Recognized as industry pioneers, we understand that unique solutions can only come from a thorough understanding of your business goals and the freedom to think differently, explore the possibilities and deliver new, fresh solutions.

Unifying our efforts
Across our team and yours....to provide a thorough, comprehensive solution that taps as many of our services that make sense for your business or project.

Securing the future
By building long-term, productive relationships with our clients and vendors, by looking ahead to future business challenges, by continuing our 75-year track record of stability and success to insure that we are a resource for our clients for years to come.

Securing the future also means promoting responsible use of our earth's resources. Cosmos is a pioneer in printing green - one of the earliest companies to acquire FSC® Chain of Custody certification which ensures responsible use of forest resources. Besides using earth-friendly stocks, inks and other supplies, our "green" manufacturing also relies on wind power for 50% of our plant's energy.

Applying sound economics
This approach is in our veins - rigorous standards we apply to our own business that extend to the recommendations we make to our clients - how to help our clients generate the greatest marketing impact from their budgets.

Defining and achieving goals
Achieving results is a careful and systematic process based on monitoring and managing the planning and execution process. Cosmos' team of experts come together to exchange ideas that focus on a superior planning process leading to exceptional results - measurable results that gauge and define success.

Infinite potential
The Cosmos organization is bound together by our passion, creativity, and commitment to create new possibilities for our clients.