Cosmos integrated services are built specifically for your ad agency, design firm, or marketing department.

Experienced team of printing, pre-prepress, pre-media and Internet experts armed with the latest in creative production innovations and leading-edge technology and know-how.

"I have worked with Cosmos' support team for many years and they never let me, my agency or my clients down. Their availability, commitment to deadlines, and quality makes us a stronger agency when it comes to supporting our clients' campaign demands. I strongly endorse Cosmos Communications and would recommend them to any Advertising Agency that is looking for a sensational print and pre-press production partner"
Director of Catalog Production, Adirondack Direct

A complete range of campaign support and experience including:

The Cosmos advantage:

How We Support You
Creative directors, Production Professionals, Marketing Directors, Print Procurement and Interactive Producers now have a trusted resource made up of reliable experts that understand your language and are available to support your agency with: