Today's marketers and advertising professionals are challenged by the number of media choices available and the production requirements each and every one demands. To optimize the impact, synchronizing a brand's message delivery is imperative.

Cosmos Integrated Solutions platform is built on our menu of services and capabilities managed by our experienced support team and custom-engineered to fit your specific Marketing and Advertising requirements.

Our support team follows a consistent production work-flow and decision making process built on our core values to insure that your marketing support programs are delivered on-time, in-budget and with optimal results.
Explore any of the case studies in this section to see how Cosmos has delivered impactful, successful integrated solutions to select industries


6 step process insures that your marketing programs are delivered on-time, in-budget and with maximum results

  1. Offer our comprehensive menu of "best in class" printing, advertising and media production, Internet services, creative and photography capabilities and expertise
  2. Understand and define your marketing program's project objectives, deadlines and budget requirements
  3. Create a road map with definitive deadlines, milestones and delivery due date
  4. Clearly layout the metrics and data capture that will be used to measure the results of your campaign
  5. Evaluate the campaign results against the defined goals
  6. Modify the campaign, as needed, to generate the greatest possible impact and results

The following is a list of select industries that Cosmos has developed integrated marketing support programs. Each one represents a different mix of services and capabilities, but of course, no two programs are ever exactly the same.
Advertising and Marketing Agencies

These are just a handful of markets where Cosmos has built successful promotional support programs that match the needs of our clients and their unique marketplace challenges.