Our History

1933  Brooklyn, New York - Three brothers launch Cosmos Communications - a traditional, successful, lithographic printing business.

‘70’s Cosmos becomes one of the first companies to introduce OCR and electronic typesetting to the publishing industry.

‘80’s Cosmos adopts a complete digital pre-press system to support the breakthrough Apple Mac and other desktop publishing technologies.

Early ‘90’s
Cosmos becomes one of the earliest companies to offer commercial digital photography to its clients and integrate direct-to-plate technology into its workflow leading to improved quality, faster turn-arounds and lower printing costs.

Mid/late ‘90’s
Cosmos enters the Internet business with its first application, Active Status, a web-based production system that improves client project tracking throughout the production cycle. Cosmos expands internet services by offering E-commerce, content management and other E-solutions to help clients streamline their businesses processes.

Mid-2000’s Next generation content management solution, MySuperfile™ — a database-driven platform, is launched as it continues to improve and refine catalog marketing solutions, expanded strategic marketing programs, branding, and online pay per click and organic search offerings.

2008 Cosmos hires two veteran leaders in the graphic arts industry to enhance operations management and sales management.

2009/10 Cosmos re-brands and re-positions company offering suite of integrated services to tap the growing need to deliver a cross-section of services at economical pricing. Re-vamped website is launched.