This well known auctioneer sits in a class of its own serving a niche community of collectors through out the world. What has given this mid sized auctioneer its well established presence with collectors is its famous catalog. The catalog has grown in size and this once black and white catalog has gone full color. Additionally, Swann over the years has added additional sale dates as well as more departments resulting in an enormous growth of catalog production requirements. Additionally, great pressure was placed on reduced catalog production times to give them a competitive advantage. All of these requirements were the challenges Cosmos was asked to resolve in a seem-less and transparent way.

Cosmos presented an integrated services work-flow for 5 key areas including: Photography, Catalog Layout, Printing, Distribution and Internet. A seem-less production work-flow was engineered and all these disparate parts had a flow that allowed for the images and copy to move through the necessary steps of approval and publishing. The teams of both Cosmos and Swann had a clear and defined path of client and supplier expectations and responsibilities.

Catalog production process from photography to print to delivery has been reduced from a 2 week process to a 5 day production cycle. Additionally, many work-flow components have been improved to help in the approval process reducing the amount of time and energy Swanns staff needed to be involved.

What our Customers Say About Our Integrated Support
“We have always found Cosmos to be an efficient, effective and responsive partner for our business. You and Your Staff are quick to provide suggestions to save time and money. This has made our projects and our company more efficient as well as more fiscally effective.”
— Chief Financial Officer, Swann Galleries