Case Studies: NAUTICA

As a leading name in the fashion industry, Nautica requires the highest level of color-correction and proofing services for their advertising and merchandising materials. Using a specialty, "premium" color-correction specialist, Nautica was pleased with the results, but not pleased with the amount of time that was required and the premium rates that were being paid.

Cosmos' expert pre-press department was able to surpass the quality of color-correction that was being delivered by the specialty retouching service, but was able to deliver the final product in half the time at rates that were 25-33% less.

Outstanding, quality work that was up to the standards of one of the leading fashion companies in the country delivered quicker and less expensively than in the past - 50% faster, 33% less expensive. Because of the high volume of work, significant savings were delivered to the production/merchandising bottom-line.