Case Studies: MOUAWAD

The Mouawad name represents the pinnacle of timepiece and jewelry design with many famous celebrities as clientele. Promotional marketing and advertising photography and media has to look as flawless and glamorous as the jewelry itself. Mouawad marketing employed an extraordinary amount of time, money and effort to have their photography, retouching and advertising media production projects completed - this unacceptable by Mouawad's standards.

Cosmos presented to Mouawad our streamlined work-flow and proven expertise in photography, retouching and proofing. After a single test shoot, Mouawad quickly discovered that better quality photography and color-correction work could be obtained in less than half the time as with previous suppliers and at lower costs.

Mouawad has been able to produce all their advertising and marketing collateral in less time with less effort and are spending less money. Additionally, they have continued to look to Cosmos for additional advertising and media production, printing, mailing and fulfillment services.