Case Studies: HEALTHNET

HealthNet's marketing and advertising budgets have been squeezed in response to the tremendous pressure on health-care providers - but the needs of The National Sales Teams and Private Brokers are more demanding than ever. Sales people require promotional collateral, presentation materials, supporting advertising and media kits that are highly professional and support the brand message designed to win consumers' and business' trust. Most importantly, the sales support packages needed to be built in a simple-to-digest and trustworthy way that also takes into account lower budgets and shorter timelines.

HealthNet's marketing team was under the gun, budgets were being decreased, regulatory reviews were taking longer than ever - but the deadlines still loomed. Cosmos was called in because we had never missed a project deadline and always performed beyond the call of duty. Cosmos was able to re-organize, re-engineer and re-design three major sales kits for three primary markets. Each kit was constructed out of recycled paper with over 25 unique brochures, forms, sell sheets and supporting information.

The sales team, brokers and marketing team had what they needed to continue to support the sales of the health insurance programs. Additionally, Cosmos continues to be called on time and again to work on style and brand guidelines, critical letters concerning coverage changes, advertising and support programs. We have consistently been recognized as an essential supplier to HealthNet.