What Our Customers Say About Us:

We are all very appreciative of your attention to detail and commitment to service. Not surprised Cosmos motto has always been what do you need, when do you need it and where does it have to be delivered. So far they have never failed. I have never seen any vendor deliver the goods to this level of service.
– One of the most comprehensive university hospitals in the world

Our Annual Recognition event at Tavern on the Green this year went so very well due in large part to your contribution and hard work.Thank you! We loved the way that our program came out. You did a fine job and we appreciate it greatly! Just wanted to let you know the brand loved the design! Job well done.
– Marketing Director, Giant National Food Services Company

“We have always found Cosmos to be an efficient, effective and responsive partner for our business. You and Your Staff are quick to provide suggestions to save time and money. This has made our projects and our company more efficient as well as more fiscally effective.”
VP of a Fine Art Auction House

“Since going live, our online sales have exceeded that of our old site and we see continued growth in monthly sales. We appreciate your ability to handle so many of our needs and the support we have received from your staff has made all the difference”
– CEO of Catalog and Retail National Brand

"Not only do you never let us down, you go the whole 9, and then some, hoops of fire included."
– Creative Director of a World-Wide Publishing Consortium

Just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for completing the job on such a timely manner. Your assistance and cooperation is invaluable to me and my Company. We couldn't have done this huge job without your commitment, attention to detail and excellent customer service.
Marketing Director of one of the largest office furniture catalogers

Congratulations on producing such a special book for us and please feel very free to refer future clients to me for a reference if needed. You were wonderful to work with and produced a book of which you should all be very proud.
– Vice President for Student Development

I want to communicate how impressed I was with the help and attitude of your staff last week when I visited Cosmos. We really had our back to the wall with this catalogue and getting it designed, printed bound and mailed ASAP was crucial. Please let your entire staff know how much I appreciate all your help.
– A world renowned seller of rare books

I wanted to say thank you SO much for all the hard work, care and concern that you all put into producing the College anniversary book for me and for the College. One of the things i love the most about what I do is starting with what is nothing more than an idea and in the end having that idea turned into something that is tangible, and you all made that happen and then some!!!
Not only is it beautiful but it is absolutely perfect!!! There is nothing at all that I would change or that I wish had been done differently. You guys are such a great team and it really shows in how carefully the job was handled and how beautifully it turned out.
– Art Director of a Premiere Graphic Design Firm in Connecticut

We really, really appreciate your work and your care — you guys are awesome and always a pleasure to work with. Here’s to many more projects (until you get sick of us), and my sincere, sincere thanks.
Thank you a million times over -
– Art Director from a Top NYC Branding Company

"The consensus in the office is that the catalogue looks great! You guys are amazing and seemingly capable of performing miracles. I don't know what we would do without you. As early in the game as we are with the auction process, every minute counts and we really appreciate the fact that you also realize that and work accordingly.
Thanks again for a spectacular job!"
– Creative Director of an NYC Auction House

Got the catalogue today. Looks great!!! Thanks for coming through in fine shape yet again.
– Owner and President of Prestigious Fine Art Auction Company

“One of our customers told us that the publication looks like a museum catalogue – which is exactly the kind of look we like.”
Marketing Manager of Top Jewelry Brand

"The catalogue looks phenomenal, great job. I think the color is as
sharp and close to reality as I've ever seen it in one of our catalogues."
Director, International Auction House