What Sets Us Apart

A collective effort of professionals working seamlessly to achieve maximum impact and help measure the return on investment. Packaged, Bundled and Customized for the way you work.

Since 1933 Cosmos has worked to build a reputation that is synonymous with integrity. This integrity translates to the treatment of our employees, vendors, strategic partners and customers. It is also the basis of our GUARANTEE to our work product that we produce for our clients.

Our Guarantee:
Everyone at Cosmos Communications stands behind the work product that we produce for our clients. At every step in the production process Cosmos has clear quality control procedures in place to insure against any failures. We consistently evaluate and improve our technology, procedures and general operations however, in the very rare instance when a customer is not satisfied with the out-come or the work product, it is our Guarantee that we will make every effort possible to correct or improve the work product.

Additionally, Cosmos Guarantees: